About Me

I love all colors, but I’m partial to orange. My house has a lot of orange walls.

I’m a sci-fi geek. I discovered Star Trek in 7th grade and never looked back.

Mid century modern design makes me happy. I love the colors, the clean lines, the space-inspired elements and the connection to nature.

My family has 6 cats that are more or less named after cheese. They used to all be named after cheese, and then we decided to try fostering, so we didn’t give them cheese names. We failed as fosters, so they got cheese names appended to their names.

I’m originally from South Carolina and even though I’ve lived in Huntsville for over half my life now, I still consider SC home. I really miss going to Myrtle Beach every summer!

My Art

Artists are suppose to pick a style or a subject or a medium. I’m horrible at making decisions. The tie that binds my art and design together is color. I love how it can change the emotion of a piece or lead your eye from one element to another. Color is very personal since everyone sees it differently and is influenced by their own beliefs and cultural values. Color can play tricks on the mind and play games with the heart.

I adore colored pencils, so that’s what much of my fine art is created with. But I also like wax crayons, acrylics, pen and ink, and watercolors, so at times all these mediums come into play for me. My art is heavily influenced by my love of animals and nature in general. I love bringing out details in natural textures or enhancing colors.

My design style is also influenced by nature and is wrapped up with my love of simple design. Most of my work is done on the computer with the Adobe suite, but sometimes I bring in handmade elements if the project calls for it.


  • Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA)
  • Portrait Society of America
  • American Advertising Federation – North Alabama (AAFNA)
  • Arts Huntsville, Huntsville, AL
  • Huntsville Art League, Huntsville, AL


To see more of my art, visit my website, carriealderfer.com.

Selected Awards & Exhibitions

“Sunshine” received a Special Merit Award and “I Spy” was accepted into Light Space & Time Online Gallery’s “All Women” Art Exhibition under the category Painting & Other