February Flowers Challenge

If you haunt Instagram, you’ve probably noticed different “art challenges” that pop up from time to time. Inktober in October is a popular one, for example. Well, I ran across one started by artist Amanda Evanston called February Flowers. She even includes prompts. Since flowers are on my to-do list to get ready for Panoply this year, I decided to jump in….even though I am a bit behind. I didn’t start until Day 8. I am gonna try and go back and catch up, but we shall see!

This is the first time I’ve tried an “art challenge.” So why now? Well, as I said, flowers are on my to-do list. I used to draw and paint lots of flowers, but I’ve been really focused on animals the last couple of years. I’m ready to switch things up. But I feel like I am out of practice when it comes to the blooming beauties! An art challenge seemed like the perfect way to get back into my botanical groove. The prompts help spark creativity. And since the idea is to make this a daily practice, it helps take the anxiety out of starting on a new piece. It feels more like practice. This gives me an opportunity to experiment with ideas. If I create something I love, bonus! But if I’m not crazy about it, I’m out a piece of paper and some art supplies. Time creating is never wasted. I always learn something during the process.

There’s also a social aspect to a challenge. The hashtags for this challenge are #28februaryflowers and #28februaryflowers2021. You can search on those tags and find SO many awesome and inspiring works. Sharing my piece and declaring my participation on social media makes me feel more accountable. And that helps me stay on track and do the work.