Happi Pappi Website

I split my time between art projects and design projects. If you’re local to Huntsville, AL, you’ve probably seen the Happi Pappi Beignets food truck at various events, including one of my favorites, the Monte Sano Art Festival. I had the honor of creating the logo for Happi Pappi. The logo is actually based on photos from the owner’s Grandfather!

Recently I worked with Happi Pappi and My Size Marketing to create a website for Happi Pappi. The look needed to be clean and professional. Most importantly it needed an easy-to-use calendar feature to showcase all of the food truck’s upcoming events. I came up with a simple design with lots of white space, an angled header element to showcase the logo, and a soft background element with a touch of powdered sugar. The photos feature great shots of the beignets and people enjoying the tasty treat at different venues.

The home page features a little about Happi Pappi, a quick look at the upcoming events, how to book the truck, information about Fundraising opportunities, and of course links to social media. There’s more detailed information on the site including a full calendar, booking form, menu information, galley, frequently asked question, and the Happi Pappi story. There’s also a page dedicated to Fundraising since they offer a fantastic program for schools, church groups, and nonprofits that make it easy for them to earn money at their event or function.

So checkout this sweet site. And be sure to check out Happi Pappi’s sweet treat when you have a chance. Just look at the calendar!